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A continuation of ARCH 3553 with an increased complexity and scale of projects which address buildings within urban contexts. Projects will incorporate design theory with technical, site and structural considerations. Research of local specifics as design imperatives will inform building and site integration, which respond to context. Projects will investigate and subsequently integrate rudimentary building systems including those for formal ordering, spatial organization, structural support, materiality, building assembly, envelopes, building services, life safety, and circulation, with a particular attention towards sustainability, accessibility, efficiency, and code compliance. Design communication will demonstrate understanding of project components by developing an encompassing set of orthographic projections Three dimensional models will test and communicate spatial intentions relating to the context addressing, proportion, massing, materiality, environment, and project character. Prerequisite: ARCH 3323, ARCH 3553, and ARCH 3343 or ARCH 3364. Credit or concurrent enrollment in ARCH 3324 and ARCH 3343 or ARCH 3364. Junior standing in program. Restricted to Architecture majors. Minimum 2.8 GPAs both cumulative and within the major required.

Architecture - Undergraduate Programs

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree is a  four-year pre-professional degree program of studies comprising, with a later two-year graduate program, the six-year Master of Architecture curriculum. This sequence, called the 4 + 2 model , has been adopted by many major universities as the most effective way of combining liberal education with professional education. It provides the basis for various career possibilities, including the professional degree of Master of Architecture or the Master of Landscape Architecture ; these advanced degrees are normally awarded after two years of graduate study (refer to the graduate catalog for details).