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Examines the history of ideas about disability, the historical lives of people with disabilities, and the history of disability policy. The growth of asylums, the rise of the eugenics movement, a historical look at freak shows, the impact of industrialization on experiences of disability, the evolution of special education, the role of ideas about disability in colonialism, the historical treatment of disabled veterans, and the development of the disability rights movement. Geographic focus will vary. Offered as HIST 3307 and DS 3307; credit will only be granted once. Prerequisites: HIST 1311 and HIST 1312.

Disability Studies

...course on History of Disability (DS 3307/HIST 3307) and the Disability Studies Internship (DS...

History - Undergraduate Programs

...a core course on History of Disability (HIST 3307) and the Disability Studies Internship (DS...