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This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of upper extremity and low back rehabilitation protocols and the use of electric therapeutic modalities like ultrasound, diathermy, laser, and electric stimulation. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the disablement model and learning how to plan, implement, document, and evaluate programs for the rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries and illnesses of athletes and others involved with physical activity. Operation of electrical therapeutic modalities and how they can be incorporated into a rehabilitation program will be investigated. The underlying principles and application techniques for each modality, therapeutic exercise progressions, patient clinical goals, legal and safe practice guidelines, and evidence based therapeutic modality science will allow for critical thinking and problem solving in relation to common upper extremity and low back injuries. Both surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation models for the upper extremity and low back will be discussed with a special emphasis on the use of functional progressions. Prerequisites: BIOL 2457 and BIOL 2458. Concurrent enrollment in KINE 4131 is required for all Athletic Training Education Program students.