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This course continues developing students' abilities to visually document urban environments in relation to urban ecologies, while beginning to investigate how designs are created to address the range of scales and ecological impact in a city, from the individual site to a neighborhood. This course focuses upon the impact of infrastructure upon a city's human and ecological systems, encompassing the plant and animal species that are part of urban environments. Prerequisite: C or better in UDES 2441. Restricted to Sustainable Urban Design-intended students.

Sustainable Urban Design

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Urban Design (SUD) is distinctive because in addition to the studio-based disciplines of architecture, planning and landscape architecture, it has public affairs, bringing together the design and governmental realms necessary to bring any urban design project to fruition.   This unique interdisciplinary structure will equip students with the skills to successfully navigate within complex urban design decision-making milieus, underscoring the degree’s practical, applicable, problem-solving essence. Infusing the curriculum of this design degree is an emphasis upon sustainability that encompasses environmental, social, and economic considerations.