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The basic scope of this course is to understand 1) various types of failure modes in engineering materials, 2) contributing factors to those failures and 3) analysis and detection methods employed in the relevant industries. The failure of engineering materials under discussion includes those by mechanical, electrical and chemical load. Specific cases of discussion include materials for structural as well as microelectronics applications. Also discussed will be the method of statistical analysis and its modeling. Prerequisite: Department consent and must be in a college of engineering professional program or college of science professional program.

Materials Science and Engineering - Undergraduate Programs

The interdisciplinary field of materials science and engineering has become critical to many emerging areas of science and advanced technology. As a result, there is a growing demand for engineers and scientists with education and training in materials science and engineering. The Materials Science and Engineering Department provides students with such education and training through its graduate master's and doctoral degree programs. Additionally, the department offers undergraduate courses for use as electives in science and engineering, in Fast Track Programs in Materials Science and Engineering, in minor programs in this discipline and in Certificate in Nanotechnology.