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This course has four main objectives: (1) provide quantitative, critical thinking, and communication skills as well as basic concepts in science; (2) kindle a passion and facility for scientific inquiry; (3) develop skills for experimental design, execution, analysis, and presentation; and (4) expose the student to what it means to be a scientist and what it feels like to conduct research. The course will involve lecture, discussion, and laboratory time. Students will develop independent research inquiries using the scientific method, create an original research proposal and corresponding experiments, analyze results, and present their conclusions to their peers through formal oral, written, and other communication methods such as posters and demonstrations. Offered as BIOL 1302 and CHEM 1302; credit will be granted only once.

Biology - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Biology curriculum familiarizes students with basic concepts inherent to biological science and allows them to master new, cutting edge areas of biological research. Its degree programs prepare students to enter exciting and challenging careers in the many diverse and rapidly expanding areas of biological employment, including environmental biology, conservation, microbiology, the health sciences, science teaching, pharmacology, biotechnology, molecular biology, neurobiology, and forensics as well as in basic biological research. Superior teaching and faculty involvement with students is a high priority in the department. Many of its faculty have received university-wide awards for teaching excellence. Biology faculty have internationally recognized research programs in which students are actively encouraged to participate through credit for supervised research. Thus, students can prepare for careers in specific areas of biology by being actively engaged in research related to that career area under faculty supervision.

Chemistry and Biochemistry - Undergraduate Programs

...Specifically, BIOL 3444 GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY and BIOL 3345...take GEOL 1301 and 1302 to meet degree...

Linguistics - Graduate Programs

...1302 ) College-level mathematics ( MATH 1302 ) A laboratory science (any 1000-level course in BIOL...