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ARCH 5327. STRUCTURES II. 3 Hours.

This course is a continuation of ARCH 5324 with an emphasis on structural theory and systems in steel construction. It covers the design and investigation of structural steel. The course begins with a general introduction to structural behavior, strength, and modulus of elasticity of steel material. The elastic and plastic behavior of structural steel material is discussed, and the definition of yield strength is addressed as one of the main structural measures of steel material. Loads and load combinations are the next part of the course. This part describes how the gravity and lateral loads are distributed in a steel structure and what combination of loads should be considered for the design. To address the requirements of the design of structural members, simple methods of structural analysis are covered by which the internal moments and shear in members can be found. The course is continued by formulating and step by step description of the design of decks, beams and girders, open-web steel joists and joist girders as well as columns. Prerequisite: ARCH 5324.